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Hi. My name is Matt Garrett.  I've been snow skiing since I was a kid and have been to many different ski resorts across Europe. This page has a selection of snow skiing pictures, skiing wallpaper and ski reports for the different ski resorts. The last three snow skiing holidays I've been on were to Kitzbuhel and Kirchberg (Austrian ski resorts) and Sauze D'Oulx (Italian ski resort).

Unfortunately, due do a divorce (mine;), I missed out on a ski holiday this year, so no funny photos to add for 2002. I do not intend to miss another year though, so feel free to come back in Feb or Mar '03, when there should be some new photos for you to have a laugh at and a review of whatever resort I end up in this season. 

I'm currently thinking about trying Andorra or even Bulgaria to see what they are like. I've heard very good reports on the price of beer in both places... This is also the reason I don't like to go to France for Ski holidays, the beer is just too expensive, and for me a big part of the enjoyment of a ski holiday is the Apree ski! You may have noticed from some of the photos.

If you have any funny photos from ski holidays or good scenery photos then feel free to email me a copy and I will consider putting them on this site. I think it is worth having a new section for photos submitted by anybody visiting the site. Just don't send anything that is going to get me sued! ;)

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[Update - 17/12/3]
  Well, it looks like I'm not gonna get a ski holiday this year again, although for better reasons this time. I've just got married again :) and I'm going on honeymoon to the carribean and then I'm moving house. Maybe next year.... ;(

I've also started adding some decent photos for skiing wallpaper, only a couple so far, but expect this section to expand as I find more skiing pictures that are suitable for skiing wallpaper.

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I hope you enjoy the selection of skiing pictures and ski reports from these holidays.

If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback please feel free to email me.


Kirchberg '98 [aka MAMMA'98] - click to see photos

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Kirchberg is in Austria, a few miles up the valley from Kitzbuhel. It is smaller and a lot cheaper than Kitzbuhel and you get to ski the same ski area, which is fantastic. We stayed at the Club Habitat Chalet, which had basic accommodation, but good food and a good atmosphere. The bar also stayed open as long as you needed and the beer was fairly cheap (approx. 1.20 a pint). It was also only one stop on the skibus from the bottom of the Maierl Chair lift, which takes you in to the main ski area, but without the queues you get at the Klausen Bubble lift. 


Sauze D'Oulx '99 - click to see photos

Sauze D'oulx is one of the most popular ski resorts in Italy, with good reason. The resort has a very lively night life and a huge ski area. We stayed in the Chalet Besson, the food wasn't very impressive but there was lots of wine with dinner so we didn't care to much. To get in to Sauze D'Oulx itself for a drink was a 10 min walk, or 5 minutes if you went straight down the ski slope, although walking back up this way at the end of the night was hard work. The beer was reasonable, a pint costing around 1.80 and it's possible to drink and/or dance in the different pubs and clubs until morning. Needless to say we did and seldom managed to be on the slopes before midday. unfortunately when we were there (early Feb) there wasn't a lot of snow, which was the only negative point to the holiday.

Note the skiing pictures from this week will be improved (in quality) over the next few weeks as I scan in new copies from the original negatives, so feel free to visit again to see the improved skiing pictures of this holiday.


Kitzbuhel '00 - click to see photos

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Kitzbuhel itself is a great place to stay, providing you can afford it. The beer is not cheap at around 2 for a small beer. Fortunately we stayed in a hotel where the bar serves free beer and wine to residents between 5pm and midnight. The advantage was being able to ski down to the bottom of the chairlift in the mornings and ski back to the chalet door/bar at the end of the day, no bus! The skiing is fantastic, including the Hhanenkamm, a world cup down hill run. Again the weather conditions we're not perfect, there was enough snow, if a bit icy, but the sun only shone for a day and a half and it snowed heavily on the last day. Although there is a bigger team than normal, there are less skiing pictures than usual as I was also using a video camera for most of the week. Thus is life. ;)


Zermatt'01 - click to see photos

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Piste map photo

This year we took a late booking and didn't know whether we would be going to Zermatt or Verbier (both in Switzerland) until we arrived at Geneva airport. we ended up in Zermatt. 

Zermatt is, in my opinion, one of the top ski resorts in Europe with an excellent and extensive ski area, you can even ski across to Cervinia in Italy. The feature that Zermatt is probably best known for is the Matterhorn, a truly spectacular mountain that dominates the scenery for the whole area. 

We also got lucky on the Chalet we stayed in, although it was a ten minute walk in to town for beers, it was only a 2-3 minute walk to the Furi Bubble Lift, taking you straight in to the Kliene Matterhorn ski area. We we're also able to ski back to within a few hundred metre's of the Chalet at the end of the day.

The only comment i would have against Zermatt (and it is only a minor one) is they could do with replacing some more of the T-Bar and Pomma lifts with chair lifts (although this was Tig's main complaint rather than mine). 


Thank you for visiting my skiing pictures and ski reports site, the next update for resort reviews and skiing photos won't be until around February 2002, but i will be updating the wallpaper section on a more regular basis. Please book mark the site and visit again.


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